IC Premium Partner Distributor of Henkel glues for Graphic Arts.

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  • Taking into account the diversity of substrates, working conditions and machines used, do not hesitate to call on our “know-how” to determine with you the most suitable product for your collage.


Franck Lacoffe

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The fields of application:

Glue for glued square back, for side gluing, nesting, wrapping, LayFlat art binding technology …

Fugitive glues, pH-neutral binding glues, glues for UV varnishes, glues for plastics on board, adhesives for difficult substrates.

Display, lamination, laying of easels, glues for robotic gluing systems.

Closing cardboard boxes, cases and boxes, boxes, box dressing, windowing.

PSA adhesives for the coating of various substrates (hotmelt and aqueous base).

Cleaning products for glue systems, glue residue cleaner, grease and cleaner for PUR systems.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies

World’s leading supplier of adhesive, coating and functional coating solutions.

HENKEL holds a leading position in many segments of the paper processing market and offers a wide range of adhesives such as AQUENCE, for aqueous base adhesives and TECHNOMELT, for hot melt adhesives (SUPRA AND PUR).

Henkel offers a solution for every application in graphics and packaging.

AQUENCE is Henkel’s brand for innovative and durable water based adhesive solutions. As a global leader in the aqueous base adhesives market, AQUENCE is improving the life cycle cost and product quality of its customers. Henkel is constantly improving its AQUENCE product line with sustainable and innovative aqueous based adhesive solutions.

TECHNOMELT is Henkel’s trademark for hot melt adhesives designed to achieve the best results in the application and production processes of its customers. TECHNOMELT adhesives provide superior efficiency and cost management. They are recognized for their reliability, quality and results.

TECHNOMELT Pur is a reactive hot melt polyurethane. Thanks to its prepolymers, it polymerizes in a humid environment. PU thermofusibles are now applied in a wide range of industrial sectors.

TECHNOMELT Pure Micro Emission The quality TECHNOMELT Pure + the responsible action of Henkel = Micro Emission