The Taginnov RFID Line is an innovative concept for the integration of wet or dry RFID tags. This equipment can be composed of different modules in order to perform the complexing of inlays in adhesive or cardboard substrates. The TAGINNOV can be completed with an online testing unit, a “killing” chip destroyer and a non-stop rewinder.

The TAGINNOV CONVERTING LINE is a scalable equipment that can also produce different multilayer complexes, booklets, etc.

A set of finished products that can be produced with the TAGINNOV :

– Airline baggage tags
– Clothing labels
– Tracking tags
– Logistics labels
– Pharmaceutical labels
– Tickets for events or transport
– Skiing lift tickets
– Packaging
– Many other RFID solutions

“Pitch Off” inserting unit : a solution that could be integrated on your current flexographic press for FRID integration, a solution offering flexibility and versatility.